Put a silverlining to your stay by ordering food directly to your room!   

Place an order:

Pick up the phone in in your room and press 9 to place an order.

Last order by 9.00pm

Valid monday til Sunday. 

Roast beef sandwich and Lasagna available to order all hours of the day. 

Roomservice fee 95 SEK per order. 


Additional roomservice fee of 95 SEK per order. 

Roast beef sandwich
Roast beef, aioli, fried onion, salad, cheese, pickles and bread – 105 SEK

Shrimp sandwich
Shrimp, mayonnaise, boiled egg, pickled onion, salad, served on rhye bread – 220 SEK

Beef ragu, bechamel sauce, rocket, pine nuts and parmesan cheese – 195 SEK

Vegetarian burger
Gruyere cheese, fried onion, salad, tomato, pickles and dijonaise served with french fries210 SEK

Beef burger
180g beef patty, gruyere cheese, fried onion, salad, pickles, tomato and dijonaise served with french fries – 225 SEK


Sweets and Snacks

Kexchoklad Chocolate & Wafer Bar – 20 SEK
Ahlgrens Bilar Candy – 25 SEK
Non Stop Chocolate Candy – 25 SEK
Crisps – 35 SEK

Alcohol free beverage
Juice – 35 SEK
Coca Cola – 35 SEK
Mineral Water – 35 SEK
Tonic Water – 35 SEK
Sparkling wine non alcoholic – 105 SEK


Alcoholic beverage & Spirits
Palmer Champagne 375ml – 385 SEK
Wine 1/2 bottle, Red or White – 245 SEK
Wine Opener – 20 SEK
Beer – 80 SEK
Whisky – 195 SEK
Vodka – 120 SEK
Rum – 120 SEK
Gin – 120 SEK
Cognac – 140 SEK
Jägermeister – 120 SEK