Privacy Policy – handling your personal data

Kosta Boda Art Hotel cares about your privacy and strives to protect your personal data in the best way. This policy sets out Kosta Boda Art Hotel’s rules on collecting and handling personal data and the use of cookies.
Kosta Boda Art Hotel undertakes to respect and protect such information and your privacy in accordance with the Swedish legislation in force.
By approving our terms, you approve our use of your personal data as follows:
– We will not share your personal data with partners or third parties, unless there are special grounds, e.g. the police, a prosecutor or similar requests information.

When booking:
When you book with us, you provide some information about yourself. We handle and protect your personal data in accordance with the Swedish Data Protection Act in force.
– We use the information to be able to identify you as staying with us.
– We also use the information to send you information about news and offers that we think may be of interest to you. Your personal data will only be transferred to our partners when required for the stated purposes.
– We never sell your personal data to a third party.
– We will use your data for certain analyses or statistical purposes.

When visiting the home page/app:
Kosta Boda Art Hotel may save information about your preferences and how you use our home page, app or social media linked to our company and to third parties such as advertisers, etc.
Kosta Boda Art Hotel may save your IP address, what you publish on the Internet via, for example, social media, searches you make via search engines on the Internet, which home page you come from, which home page you go to after the visit and which choices you make and what type of information and events you show an interest in. Information of a demographic and geographic nature may also be saved.

When answering questionnaires/market research:
Kosta Boda Art Hotel saves information from market research and mailings: your answers to and use of market research, advertising mailings and email may be saved. Information on your use of newsletter mailings via email, including opening of newsletters, which links are clicked on and the type of information that you show an interest in, etc. may also be saved.
How the information is collected
Information you provide when contacting Kosta Boda Art Hotel:
You provide Kosta Boda Art Hotel with information when creating an account, choosing settings or services, booking a room/table on the Internet, and contact via telephone, with Kosta Boda Art Hotel via web questionnaires or email, etc.
Information about your preferences and use:
Collected through so-called cookies or beacons placed by Kosta Boda Art Hotel or a third party. Kosta Boda Art Hotel can also collect such information from social networks or other third parties such as advertising networks or newsletter suppliers.
– Enables usual customer administration so that we can fulfil our undertakings to you
– Enables us to offer a higher level of service
– Ensures that the hotel in question has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident
– To be able to provide you with relevant information in the form of newsletters, advertising, texts or another types of information that you request.

Certain information concerning you and your preferences may be transferred to third parties, including in countries outside the EU. This will either happen automatically through third-party cookies (see section below about cookies) placed on Kosta Boda Art Hotel’s home page or by the information being actively sent to or collected by companies on behalf of Kosta Boda Art Hotel that conduct business analysis of the information. For countries outside the EU, other legislation may apply regarding protection of your personal data.

Kosta Boda Art Hotel saves your personal data as long as is necessary to achieve the objectives described in the policy. If you deregister from our services, we will remove your personal data as soon as we can, with the exception of non-personalised data that we may save for statistical purposes and for advertising published in our social media.

Once per calendar year you can find out at no cost what personal data we handle about you. Your written request should be sent to the postal address below and must be signed by you personally. You may at any time request that we correct or remove the information about you if your details are incorrect or out of date.
Kosta Boda Art Hotel AB (556697-8804) is the data controller in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Contact details:
Kosta Boda Art Hotel AB
Stora vägen 75
365 43 Kosta