Brains – See You Soon

Brains was launched in the 80s and has since undergone a journey. Then each Brains had a name like Karolina, Cesar and Oden. Brains, which are launched with new expressions in autumn 2021, are instead like messengers, with different sentences that show concern for the recipient.

“See you soon” is a greeting from Bertil Vallien who wishes you a pleasant stay at the Kosta Boda Art Hotel.

“I hope that you, as a visitor, see the beauty of the historic glassworks and of Kosta, just as I do, and that you will want to come back again soon. “See you soon” is a gift to you with the wish that it will carry your thoughts on to Kosta and Kosta Boda Art Hotel, wherever you are” – Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien is Sweden’s most famous glass artist, multi-awarded and richly represented in the world’s museums. In 2020, Bertil received two international major awards. Imagine museum named him Artist of the Future and the Glass Art Society (GAS) awarded him the Visionary Award, one of the finest things a glass artist can receive.

Bertil Vallien works with a mythical, dreamlike and symbolic world of motifs and conducts what he himself describes as a research project, in close collaboration with his colleagues, many of whom have worked closely with Bertil for decades. Bertil Vallien is above all known as the master of sand casting. His massive, deep blue colored boats belong to modern glass history.