The Glass Bar 


The Glass Bar is the natural meeting place in the hotel, where the 3.5 ton cobalt blue bar is at the centre.

Kosta Boda’s designer Kjell Engman has created a unique environment with glass fish that swim in water, table lights shaped like big bottles and beautiful glass stalactites that hang glittering from the ceiling. Here you can sit on a heated glass stool, enjoy a drink in a beautiful Orrefors crystal glass and order a bit of food from the bar menu.

We do not take table reservations in the Glass Bar except for groups of more than 10 persons. If you are fewer, you are always welcome to look in when it suits you.

Contact or +46 (0)478-348 40.

Bar menu

Summer Menu 2019

180g Högrevsburgare
västerbottenost, lök, tomat, majonnäs, sallad, coleslaw & pommes

180g beef patty with västerbotten cheese, onion, tomato, mayonnaise,
salad, coleslaw & French fries
205 kr

200g Svensk Ryggbiff
sallad, stora pommes (pommes pont neuf)

200g swedish sirloin steak, salad, fat chips (pommes pont neuf)
395 kr 

200g Brasiliansk Ryggbiff m Kappa
sallad stora pommes (pommes pont neuf)

200g brasilian sirloin steak with fat , salad, fat chips (pommes pont neuf)
345 kr

Club Sandwich (vegetariskt alternativ)
kyckling, bacon, romansallad, avokado, tomat, lök, majonnäs

chicken, bacon, romaine sallad, avocado, tomato, onion, mayonnaise
195 kr

Ceasarsallad kyckling (vegetariskt alternativ)
romansallad, ceasardressing, krutonger, bacon, kapris, oliver

Ceasarsalad chicken with romaine, Caesar dressing, croutons, bacon, caper, olives
179 kr 
Halv / Half 119 kr

danskt rågbröd, dillmajonnäs, picklad lök, citron

Schrimp sandwich with mayonnaise, pickled onion
189 kr

Bookmaker Sandwich
black angus entrecote, dijonsenap, pepparrot, sallad

black angus entrecote, dijon mustard, horseradish, sallad
189 kr

potatispure, gräddsås, pressgurka, lingon

Meatballs with potatopuré, cream sauce, pickled cucumber, lingonberry
12 st 185 kr
6 st 95 kr



egengjord marmelad 
Cheese with homemade marmalade
50 kr

Jubileums dessert (serveras tom 31/8) 
kokos och litchi mousse, hallon, kokos crumble, hallonpuré 

Coconut and litchi mousse, raspberry, coconut crumble, raspberry puree

(inklusive 1st Limelight-glas)
225 kr

Rabarber- och hallon bavaroise 
fylld med citron & ingefära, smör crumble, yoghurt sorbet

Rhubarb and raspberry bavaroise filled with lemon and ginger, butter crumble, yoghurt sorbet
165 kr

Praliner 3st
By Anders Oskarsson
135 kr



Pimentos padrons
65 kr

Stora oliver
55 kr

French fries
85 kr 

35 kr

Chili nuts
35 kr 

30 kr

Opening hours

4-11 pm

4-11 pm

4-12 pm

4-12 pm

3-01 pm

2-01 pm

2-11 pm