Art Lobby Bar

The bar is situated in the hotel lobby, designed by the world famous glass artist Bertil Vallien.

Whether you´re just resting your legs from a busy day or “charging the batteries” for tomorrow, this is where you can feel the pulse of the hotel.

 Let your eyes rest on the beautiful glas art in the lobby, while enjoying a cup of coffe or a glas of wine.

Guests from all over the world, coming and going on their way to or from an experience on the hotel or the surrounding area.

The theme is classic, as well as the drinks and wine.


Roastbeef sandwich
Roastbeef, aioli, fried onion, salad, cheese, pickles – 105 SEK

Shrimp sandwich
Shrimp, mayonnaise, egg, pickled onion, salad, served on rye bread – 220 SEK

Beef ragu, bechamel, ruccola, pine nuts and parmesan cheese – 195 SEK

Vegetarian burger
Gruyere cheese, fried onion, salad, tomatoes, pickles and dijonaise served with french fries – 210 SEK

Beef burger
180g beef patty, gruyere cheese, fried onion, salad, pickles, tomatoes & dijonaise served with french fries – 225 SEK