Kosta Delicatesse – Shop and Restaurant

The delicatesse shop offer a wide assortment of fresh fish (available by the season), shellfish, artisan cheese and meat charcuterie.
Enjoy a good meal in our restaurant or sip a nice cocktail in our bar.
Our staff are always on hand to offer suggestions and advice should you have any inquiries.


From shellfish, fresh fish, charcuterie and exceptional cheeses to sauces and condiments to spruce up your feast, our shop are crammed with wonderful things from top to bottom.
Please ask our staff if you have an inquiry for a certain fish or shellfish, we make daily orders.

Opening hours:
Thursday 10 am – 6 pm
Friday & Saturday 10 am – 10 pm

Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

Gin bar

Our gin bar offers over 300 varieties of gin, one of the largest assortments in Sweden.
Locally produced beer from Kosta Brewery, selected wine and alcohol free alternatives are also available on premises.

Welcome to our restaurant, we serve a variety of hot and cold meals.

Opening hours: 

Thursday 11.30 am – 6 pm

Friday & Saturday 11.30 am – 10 pm
Sunday 11.30 am – 4 pm

Adress: Holsteins väg 7, 360 54 Kosta – Sweden | Phone: 073-156 26 62



half, boiled – daily price

half, boiled
 – daily price

daily price

(fines de claire) – 35 SEK for each

250g – daily price

Smoked prawns
250g – daily price

Seafood platter
A selection of seafood by the season. Served with aioli, mayonnaise, hovmästar-sauce & salsa daily price



Caviar RBC Gold
variation on onion, sour cream, dill, lemon & home baked bread (G) – 610 SEK

Småländsk Caviar
variation on onion, sour cream, dill, lemon & home baked bread (G) – 425 SEK

Shellfish soup
Served with aioli & roasted sourdough bread (G/L) – 115 SEK

Wild charcuterie platter
Four kinds of charcuterie from Kosta Safari Park. Served with tomato pesto & olives (N) – 190 SEK

Toast Skagen
A swedish classic! Shrimp toast served with pickled red onion (G/L) – 95 SEK / 155 SEK

Delicatessen’s Long open sandwich
Fish, shellfish, cheese, eggs, red oinion, salad, tomato and cucumber (G/L) – 145 SEK

S.O.S. – Herring plate
Three kinds of herring, västerbotten cheese, boiled potatoes & hard bread (G/L) – 140 SEK


Main Course

Breaded Veal or Wild Boar schnitzel served with fried potatoes, green peas, lemon and a selection of 3 sauces. (G) – 235 SEK, Kid´s schnitzel (Veal only) – 135 SEK

Fish and Chips
Beer battered (we use our own Kosta beer) & fried fillet of fish. Served with french fries, mashed peas & tartar sauce (G) 215 SEK

Fish & Seafood Pasta
 Assorted fish and seafood cooked in a rich tomato sauce flavoured with garlic, white wine & parsley. Served with our Kosta “Trofie” pasta (G) – 235 SEK

House Salmon plate
Three different kinds of salmon served with our homemade sauces and boiled potatoes (L) – 195 SEK

Swedish Roast Beef
Served with pickled red onion, apple & horseradish creme fraiche and fried potatoes – 195 SEK

Grav Lax 
Cured salmon served with dill-stewed potatoes and lemon (L) – 189 SEK 

Hot smoked char
Served with boiled potatoes, salad and skärgårds-sauce (L) – 190 SEK

Smoked pork sausage from Kosta Safaripark
Served with dill-stewed potaoes and pickled beetroots (G/L) – 145 SEK

Vegetable hashbrown (Vegan)
Served with salsa and deep fried potatoes – 140 SEK 

Hot dog (Kids menu)
served with french fries – 75 SEK



Vanilla ice cream
Served with hot cloudberry jam (G/L) – 78 SEK

Småland cheesecake (warm)
Served with cloudberry jam and whipped cream (G/L/N) – 115 SEK

Cheese platter
A selection of cheese served with fruit & berries, hard bread and marmelade (G/L) – 150 SEK

*G – contains gluten, *L – contains lactose, *N – contains nuts / Ask our staff regarding allergies