Experiences in the Kingdom of glass – situated in the heart of Småland

The surrounding area close to Kosta offers a lot of experiences! Glassblowing or Art glass, shoping at Kosta Outlet or outdoor fun in the forests of Småland or at Kosta Safaripark.

Be sure to visit Destination Kosta, information about all experiences in one place!

Shopping i Småland för hela familjen

Kosta Outlet – shopping ! 

Shopping for the whole family!

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Kosta Glassfactory – step inside the the hotshop and experience the glass up front!

Sweden´s oldest working glasfactory is open almost every day. Genuine swedish craftmanship since 1742!

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Kosta Glascenter – blow your own glass!

At Kosta Glass center you can try glassblowing .Prebook at Kosta Glass center.

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Safari i Småland

Kosta Safaripark – safari in the deep woods of Småland! 

Möt visenter, dovhjortar, mufflonfår, kronhjortar och vildsvin på nära håll. Drive your car through the park and watch the animals in their natural surrounding. Buy your tickets here or at the hotel reception.

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Mysigt café i Kosta
Träna utomhus i Kosta utomhusgym!

Kosta electric light running trails & outdoor gym

Workout for free in natures grandeur!

Right in the middle of Kosta town you will find the electric light running trails & outdoor gym, close to Kosta Lodge.

2,8 km electric light running trails, 5- and 8 km running trails, as well as running trails adapted for the disabled.

Map of the running trails!


Kartor med vandringsleder

Kosta Boda Art Gallery – glass exhibitions & art glass

Art gallery with exhibitions and displays featuring contemporary world famous designers.

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Besök glashusen av Bruno Mathson

Glasshouse by Bruno Mathson – Kosta

Taka a trip to Bruno Mathsons glasshouse in Kosta, just a short walk from the hotel.

“By the middle of the 1950´s there was a lot of big headlines in the newspapers regarding two newly built houses in Kosta. The glassfactory had contracted renowned furniture designer and architect Bruno Mathsson to design an art gallery and five townhouses. The design was boldly modern.”

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Hyttsill (Hot shop herring) – experience a Småland tradition!

An old food tradition originating from the golden age of glass factories in Småland.

When the working day came to an end in the glass factory, the workers gathered around the glass owens and used them to cook food. Drifters that passed by often dropped in and exchanged stories and news for some food.

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Kosta Lodge – swimming pools,cabins & BBQ!

Rent a cabin, take a swim in the pools, sauna, enjoy a dinner in the restaurant or a bath in the woodstooked hot tub.   

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Spela Minigolf i Kosta!

Miniature golf – Kosta Lodge

Miniature golf at Kosta Lodge – perfect for the whole family!    

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En fartfylld upplevelse i Småland!

Gocart at Raceland Hagaslätt

A fast-paced experience at Hagaslätt! 

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Kosta Vildmarkscamp

Kosta Vildmarkscamp – experiences in the forests of Småland

Adventure in the wilderness suitable for conferences, teambuilding or parties of friends.
Fishing, mountainbike, activites and much more!

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Lakes – swimming & fishing i the Kingdom of Glass

Fishing license sold at Jaktia iniside Kosta Outlet!

DJUPGÖL – 4,3km from the hotel

Djupgöl is situated 1 km east of Kosta and is a cold lake with an immense depth. Här Its possible to fish rainbow or trout from either land or boat. When the lake is frozen solid it is the perfect spot for icefishing. The lake is surrounded by a number of pine trees dating back to the 16th century.

VITGÖL – 5km from the hotel

Vitgöl is the most exclusive lake in the area. where rainbow trout weighing 1.5 to 6 kilograms is breed. Only flyfishing from one of the bridges is allowed in this lake.

STAMPASJÖN – 6km from the hotel

Lake Stampa is situated in the eastern sportfishing area only a few hundred metres from Lake Djupgöl and Vitgöl. A natural lake were you will find perch, roach and pike. A family friendly lake with allocated places for seating and to build a fire.

VISJÖN – 5km from the hotel

A 6 kilometre hike around Lake Visjön offers exciting forest views. The trail starts at the inlet of the lake. Here you can fish for pike and perch.


Kingdom of Glass sportfishing

Fishing license sold at Jaktia iniside Kosta Outlet!

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Glasbruk & hyttor i Glasriket, Småland

På många av de småländska glasbruken har du möjlighet att uppleva produktionen av glas på nära håll. Året runt är du välkommen in i hyttan på glasbruket i Kosta för att beskåda ett genuint svenskt hantverk!

Besök Glasrikets hemsida för information om övriga hyttor och glasbruk i Småland…


Sveriges äldst bevarade timmerbyggnad!

Granhult church – Sweden´s oldest timber-building!

The church is dated back to the year 1217, and is the oldest timberbuilding in Sweden.
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